About Us

MoreYarns is an online yarns & threads store. At MoreYarns, we offer high-quality yarns and accessories for every knitters/crocheters demand. Our yarns are handpicked quality that we get directly from reputed manufactures across India. We strive hard to provide good quality yarns at affordable prices.


Our History

Let’s start with our ancestral story. Highness Balarama Varma and his Minister Ummini Thambi brought seven weavers families from Valliyoor, Tamilnadu to produce handlooms (fine mundu neriyathu) for the royal families. They make them settled at Balaramapuram, Kerala.

Since 1921, we are in handloom manufacturing and our handloom products have been used by royal families of Travancore. We supplied our handlooms to most of the top textiles in all over Kerala. We have our legacy in handlooms & yarn business for nearly 100 years.

Our New Venture

We extend our hands-on procuring quality yarns & threads from best yarn manufacturers across India. We take utmost care while choosing yarns for our artisans. As our brand says, we strive hard to provide more varieties of yarns to meet every artisan's demand.